Android Aims to Prevent Crime with Smartphones

Android Aims to Prevent Crime with Smartphones



Almost all cell phone and other mobile devices, have features on these that are meant to help make these devices even more secure. However, despite this, we often hear of viruses and malware that are able to get past these defenses and wreck havoc. However, the law group called Secure Our Smartphones, a government agency devoted to the technological developments that would lead to less cyber attacks via these devices, demanded that smartphone developers find a new way to protect the people who use these phones.

The government agency recommended that all smartphones have some type of kill switch that could be activated in the event that the phone was stolen, to prevent criminal activity. Last year, Apple released their Activation Lock or Find My iPhone versions that were in compliance with the Secure Our Smartphones needs. Now, it seems that Android has stepped up with their Lollipop 5.1 Android version, that includes Device Protection.

What is Device Protection?

Device Protection is the “kill switch” for your Android. Most people probably realize that the Android phones already have this type of security in play, however, the Device Protection is taking this protection one step further. For those who have an Android phone, they will need to link this to their Google account and set a screen lock. Once this is complete, you have full access to turn on the Device Protection via the Google account, ensuring that no matter what a thief does, he or she will not be able to get into the phone.

When Will Android Deploy the Lollipop 5.1?

Though Apple has been putting similar technology in their phones since last year, it is going to take a bit longer for Android to unroll these changes. The reason for this is that Android systems are produced by several different manufacturers, which means that these manufacturers have to take the new system and input this into their hardware. Therefore, the time frame for when this is going to be ready, really is going to depend on what type of Android device a person is using. However,  the Android Official Blog stated this protection:

“…will be available on most Android phones and tablets shipped with Android 5.1 in addition to Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.”

Will this New Protection Help?

The Secure Our Smartphones agency does believe that having one of these kill switches on all smartphones is going to dramatically lower the chances of people stealing these smartphones, when they know that they cannot get away with this anymore. Last month, the agency showed a crime report after Apple put in their kill switch. According to their findings, in New York the theft of iPhone’s were decreased by around 25%, San Francisco saw a 40% decrease in iPhone robberies, while London also reported similar results

Attorney General A.G Schneiderman, an active member of the agency, stated:

“The huge drops in smartphone theft that have occurred since then are evidence that our strategy is working—fewer families are suffering, and people are safer in our cities and across the world.”

The idea is one that is apparently rendering results, since there are being less phones stolen. This also means that there is a less chance of someone having their valuable information stolen and used for purposes that are criminal. The idea of protected the psychical phone is a great way to prevent identity theft, and invasion of privacy.


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