Astrill VPN Review

Astrill VPN Review


 About Astrill VPN

Astrill•    Astrill was established in 2009 and has been offering VPN based solutions for the past five years.

•    The company started its operations in Australia, though it has now moved all of its operations to the Republic of Seychelles.

Astrill started five years ago as a software based VPN service provider, operating out of Australia. After sensing that Australia might start censoring, the company quickly migrated to the Republic of Seychelles. The company has grown since its establishment and now offers even hardware based VPN solutions for its clients.

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VPN Servers

•    Astrill has around 60 servers in Europe with the servers present in UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Lithuania, Turkey, Greece and Ukraine

•    Astrill has around 59 servers in North America with 54 in United States and 5 in Canada.

•    Astrill has a good number of servers (27) in Asia as well with the servers present in Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Israel.

•    Astrill is also present in Australia and New Zealand with 4 servers in Australia and 2 in New Zealand.

•    Astrill is one of the few VPN service providers with presence in Africa and North America as well in Egypt, South Africa, Panama, Brazil and Argentina.

Overall, Astrill has a total of 155 servers spread across over 49 countries. With such worldwide presence, you would never be too far from an Astrill server which ensures great speed at all times.

Astrill VPN servers
Astrill VPN: Number of servers is rising

Speed of Astrill VPN

During our Astrill review, we were impressed to see that there is hardly a difference between normal download speeds without the VPN and while using the VPN. Even with servers lying in a different country, the decrease is not more than 2-3% which is very good.

The Astrill reviews provided by Astrill users also contain special praise for no speed deterioration during VPN usage.

Astrill is mighty impressive with its speed which is amazing in terms of user experience.

Devices / Operating Systems

•    Astrill can work on PCs and laptops run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Mac OS X. Chrome OS and Linux.

•    Astrill can work on smart phones and tablets that run on Android 2.0+ or iOS.
•    Astrill can also work on Kindle Fire, Apple TV and Boxee.

In short, Astrill can be used on almost every device that you might have which can connect to the internet.


Astrill provides these protocol options for all of its users

•    PPTP
•    Open Web
•    OpenVPN
•    L2TP
•    Cisco IPSec
•    IKEv2
•    SSTP
•    StealthVPN
•    RouterPro VPN

During our Astrill review, we at BestVPNService Magazine were over-whelmed with the protocol options available with Astrill. It certainly takes the lead over all major VPN service providers in this regard.


•    There is no clear mention of which data is logged while the VPN is used in the privacy policy.
•    Astrill though claims that it doesn’t log any user activity.

It is a bit disconcerting to note that there is no mention of whether Astrill records any user activity or data after VPN connection is made in its privacy policy. However, various user Astrill reviews are of the view that Astrill claims that it does not log any user data which is encouraging.

Privacy Policy of Astrill

The company states the following in its privacy policy:

•    The company stores all the information provided by the user while signing up for a service or while filling a survey. This information includes the user’s name, e-mail address, mobile number, address and credit card information.
•    The company uses cookies on its website.
•    The company does not share the information it records with anyone.

While almost every company records the name and e-mail address, Astrill also records the user’s telephone number which is slightly disconcerting. We at BestVPNService Magazine don’t think that the use of cookies is that big a concern though. The fact that the company doesn’t share this information is very pleasing.

P2P / Torrent

•    The use of P2P/torrent is not allowed on all Astrill servers.
•    Only Astrill servers which are marked with asterisk (known as P2P VPN servers) can be used for P2P/Torrent access.

While P2P/torrent use is restricted, Astrill has its own set of P2P VPN servers where P2P/torrent access is not prohibited, which is service feature that goes in its favor.

Prices & Packages

•    The three months plan offers the use of all of Astrill servers, simultaneous connection on two devices and costs $9.98 per month ($29.95 for 3 months).

•    The six months plan offers the same features but costs $6.66 per month ($39.95 for six months).

•    The one year plan also offers similar features but costs $5.83 per month ($69.95 for twelve months).

The minimum sign-up fee is actually $29.95 for the three months package with no package allowing subscription for a single month.

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•    There is no money-back guarantee with any Astrill package.
•    Even though there is no money back guarantee, there is a seven day free trial available for new users.

While no money back guarantee is disappointing, a free 7-day trial does offer the buyers the chance to weigh up Astrill’s services before getting into a long term commitment.

The customers that want to sign up with Astrill without a free trial may be conditionally approved of a full or partial refund if the VPN doesn’t run on your system, and provided Astrill engineers fail to fix the problem within a week or 7 days from the date of purchase

Astrill VPN Sign-Up
Easy Sign-Up for Astrill VPN


The payment methods available for purchasing any of Astrill’s services are

•    PayPal
•    Click and Buy
•    Web Money
•    CashU
•    eWire
•    Perfect Money
•    Bitcoin
•    Credit Card
•    Wire Transfer


Astrill offers customer support via:

•    Astrill Wiki
•    E-mail/Support Ticket
•    24/7 Live Chat
•    Remote Desktop Assistance
•    FAQs
•    Video Tutorials and Manuals


Summary about Astrill VPN

We at BestVPNService Magazine were pretty impressed with Astrill VPN. A large number of servers all around the world, a plethora of protocol options, a seven day free trial and speeds that hardly drop with VPN use, there aren’t many VPN service providers which can match Astrill’s offerings.

Even though the logging and privacy policy isn’t as clear as others, there is nothing more to complain about. This VPN service is top notch and can meet the requirements of anyone and everyone.

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Server Diversity
Protocols Available
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  1. Astrill VPN works well. And this
    is the best VPN I have used so far. It connects quickly never disconnect
    randomly and is reliable. Even though it is quite spendy of you add on the home package, I haven’t had
    any problems to complain about since using Astrill. I finally got a trustworthy

  2. I like the fact that Astrill does not interrupt my internet connection while I’m using this VPN. I’m not afraid that my identity will be traced by other malicious users. I highly recommend Astrill.

  3. I wonder why many people do not realize how good Astrill VPN is. At
    first, I do not want to use Astrill Vpn as there are unfavourable reviews. But then
    I tried it since I’m down on budget. I’ve been an Astrill user since 2012 and
    never did I encounter any problem with it.

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