Best VPN for Canada

Best VPN for Canada

Best VPN for Canada
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Best VPN for Canada: With the Internet censorship and the need for private internet access in the country, we present you with the ‘best-in-the-market’ VPNs that suit your requirements.

While using a VPN is not just private browsing but also a secured way to access the internet and share voices with people worldwide.


Internet Censorship in Canada

With the prevailing Internet censorship in Canada, there is strict monitoring of the Internet usage of the citizens. In this context, there are ways to bypass the monitoring mechanism and get exposed to global content on the internet. With many VPN services in the market, it is difficult for Canadians to figure out which is the Best VPN for Canada.


Why Virtual Private Networks or VPNs for Canada

Canada is a country known for its stringent guidelines to citizens when it comes to Internet usage. Hence, a VPN service can come in handy to overcome this scrutiny and also browse undetected and ad-free from anywhere in the world.

Access to a Virtual Private Network or VPN is the safest way to browse internet and unblock some of the applications that are not accessible within the country. VPNs are easily configured in desktops and all other portable devices and allow a seamless entry to IP addresses and servers placed in numerous parts of the globe.

This compiled list of best VPNs for Canada describes the finest services they provide to enjoy a boundary-less internet browsing experience.


Best VPN for Canada – Our Top 3:


HideMyAss VPN for Canada:

•    HideMyAss VPN is among the best VPNs for Canada with 654 servers placed over 77 countries across the world. Out of them 32 servers are located in Canada. There are 3,254 Canadian IPs to choose from a total of 82,584 IP addresses available in HMA VPN service.
•    This VPN is best suited for any user with respect to its user-friendly interface and compatibility to various devices and multiple operating systems other than the packages they offer at reasonable prices.
•    HMA VPN also makes it easier for uninterrupted and instant video streaming over Netflix. This can help to overcome the problem of incomplete access to content for Canadian IPs.

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IPVanish VPN for Canada

•    IPVanish is placed in the list of best VPN for Canada owing to its uninterrupted access and consistent browsing speeds without any connecting and buffering issues.
•    IPVanish also offers affordable subscription packages and has been a successful and easy-to-use VPN since 15 years of its entry in the market.
•    With a total number of 135+ in 59 countries and 72 cities, IPVanish has placed 3 of its servers in Toronto, Canada and 1 at Vancouver in Canada.

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TunnelBear from Canada

•    TunnelBear is a Canadian company based in Toronto. It comes with a minimalistic and simplified interface for users those who do not want to get technical and would like to easily access the internet using a chosen IP.
•    Extreme privacy, Limited free and Reasonable subscription packages, mobile-only subscriptions, good performance, compatibility to Mac and Windows, Android and iOS are some of the noteworthy features for TunnelBear VPN.
•    With servers located in 7 countries and customers of over 171 countries, TunnelBear VPN is quite a good choice if you want to work with US or UK IPs.


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