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Best VPN for UK / United Kingdom
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The Five Best VPNs For The United Kingdom

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Internet Censorship is around the corner and it’s time citizens of UK to find ways to access free internet, get uninterrupted access and surf untroubled and be expressive.

United Kingdom is infamous for its censorship laws which include strict filtering of online communication and strictest tracking of web content accessed by every citizen. The huge measures of surveillance of the fixed line ISPs and content-control software available to comply with these laws are some of the issues that come in the way of free internet for the users.

In the UK, there are several types of website content that cannot be viewed, for example, pornography is often restricted in every country. However, the UK also restricts websites that are promoting extremists ideas, as they say this is a way in which they are keeping their citizens safe. In addition to this, the UK also can monitor even email, search engine or website that a person has sent and utilized at any time they feel like it. The new law has allowed them to monitor these aspects, if they believe the person is a threat to national security or is suspected of criminal behavior.


Usage of VPN in United Kingdom
How it helps

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs work with the basic ‘Virtual Tunneling’ mechanism to enable the users to browse privately through dedicated connections, chosen IP address and server with the intention of protecting personal identity and location data.

The VPN servers also maintain high levels of security by authenticating the sender of data to prevent unauthorized access or hacking mechanisms. The use of VPN does create a safe and private browsing zone wherein only the encrypted data of the user is transmitted with no user logs being recorded.

This does mean that those who are in the United Kingdom can rest assure that the emails they send are private, that they can access whatever website they feel like seeing, and that they are not being blocked from content that others deem inappropriate.


Best VPN for United Kingdom
Our recommendations

It has now become more necessary for UK citizens to look up to Virtual Private Networks to overcome this suppression and blocking of free internet. The usage of a VPN for United Kingdom is certainly the safest way to access internet without falling prey to the monitoring mechanisms. This post aims at listing some of the top VPN recommendations that best suits the needs of UK citizens.


HideMyAss VPN for United Kingdom

•    HideMyAss VPN is the best among VPNs for United Kingdom with its encrypted traffic and browsing which makes it easier for the users to access worldwide content.
•    In addition to the impressive server structure, HideMyAss also provides its users with a 30-day money back guarantee and sound subscription plans.
•    HideMyAss server list ranges upto 653 VPN servers in 175 locations in 77 countries offering 82465 IPs around the world. With over 235 servers in Europe consisting of 31142 IPs, HideMyAss is certainly the best choice among VPN services for United Kingdom.
•    HideMyAss works with  most major operating systems including Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux. It can also work with televisions capable of Internet and gaming consoles.
•    One account can be used on two different devices simultaneously
•    Affordable pricing plans to meet any budget
•    Was founded in London, United Kingdom in 2005, thus they have years of experience.
•    Utilizes the OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols, which ensure the person gets the fastest speeds out there
•    No restrictions on torrent or P2P
•    Customer support is available 24/7 with the ability to instant chat, look at forms or send email tickets to support agents.

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IPVanish VPN for United Kingdom

•    The best part of working with IPVanish VPN is the reasonable subscription price and unlimited VPN access for browsing, video streaming with impressive speeds, great security levels from hackers.
•    Its uninterrupted access and consistent browsing speeds also helps in dealing with buffering issues and also provides round the clock Tech support.
•    It stands among the second best VPN for United Kingdom as its servers are also available in parts of UK like London and Manchester with a total of 135+ servers in 59 countries.
•    Within the Europe, IPVanish offers 67 servers for consumer use
•    This VPN does work with major operating systems like Windows and Mac. It can also be easily configured to work with Android based devices and those devices using iOS such as iPhone and iPad.
•    The protocols that IPVanish uses are OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP.
•    The VPN does log some information such as length of time the VPN is used during a session, the IP addresses used during a session and bytes transferred data. However, they recycle and destroy these logs, so they do not provide them to anyone else.
•    Cannot download Torrrent content
•    P2P downloaded is allowed
•    Offers a 7 day money back guarantee
•    Customer support can be found via email, through looking at blogs and in forums. There is a chat feature but this is only available throughout the week during designated hours.

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Astrill VPN

•    Astrill VPN offers services with impressive browsing speeds on the higher end, online security and uninterrupted access which place it in the list of Best VPNs for United Kingdom.
•    Though it is still growing in terms of expertise, Astrill can be a good option for Astrill is nothing less when compared to other leading VPN services. It enables its users to virtually reside in 163 VPN servers located in 49 countries with 71,991+ IP addresses, out of which 2744 IPs belong to UK region.
•    Within Europe, there are 60 servers available
•    When compared to a service without a VPN, Astrill only slows the time of downloading by around 2%, which is highly impressive.
•    This VPN can work on every device out there, including e-readers, internet enabled televisions and gaming systems.
•    Astrill has a high number of protocols available, which include OpenVPN, PPTP, Open Web, RouterPro VPN, L2TP, IKEv2, StealthVPN, SSTP, and Cisco IPSec.
•    Claims to not log any information at all on users
•    Regular users cannot use P2P or Torrent. However, Astrill does have specially marked servers that will allow a person to do this.
•    Offers a 7 day free trial for those who are new to the VPN
•    Support is offered in a variety of ways including a Wiki page, manuals online, remote desktop assistance and the usual 24/7 chat feature

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Express VPN

•    Bypassing Internet censorship and accessing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Netflix, etc are some of the prominent features of Express VPN which lists it among the Best VPNs for United Kingdom.
•    Express VPN has launched user friendly apps compatible over various devices; SSL secured encryption of 256-bits and is providing its customers with round the clock customer support and uninterrupted access.
•    With servers located in over 45 countries, Express VPN is also available for locations in UK like London, Berkshire and Isle of Man.
•    Users have the ability to change servers throughout their session to optimize the speed of their service
•    Works with all major operating systems, even with mobile devices
•    Offers several protocols to use including OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, SSL, SSTP, and PPTP.
•    Customer support is available via social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, as well as email support, instant chat and creating a service ticket when needed
•    Due to being located in the United States, Express VPN does log the IP address, the times of access, and the bandwidth used
•    Offers a 30 day money back guarantee
•    P2P and/or Torrent is not recommended as this is illegal in the US, where the company is located

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Vypr VPN

•    The impressive factor of Vypr VPN comes with usage of personal hosts and DNS, working with own software, managing own network and using own hardware to deliver fast and reliable VPN service.
•    With over 40+ global server locations and 200,000 IPs, Vypr has established its servers in major countries like London in UK.
•    With great speeds, Android apps and customer support, Vypr can be listed among the Best VPN for United Kingdom.
•    Automatically detects the fastest server in your location upon logging on
•    Works with major operating systems and devices
•    Utilizes popular protocols like: L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and Chameleon
•    There is no data logged at all on users
•    Any type of data that Vypr VPN does get, they store for 30 days, and then permanently delete this
•    P2P and/or Torrent is fully allowed
•    They offer a 3 day money back guarantee
•    Customer support is available 24/7, even on holidays throughout the year

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