Best VPN for USA / United States

Best VPN for USA / United States

Best VPN for USA / United States
Find the best VPN for the USA

The United States is known as the land of the free, and this also applies to the Internet. But anyway you should use the best VPN for USA.

There is very little to no restrictions placed on individuals when it comes to what they can view online. There are regulations in work places in which employers can monitor and block websites that are not appropriate for the workplace, such as social media websites. In addition, the United States does prosecute in terms of child pornography on computers and related content.

With the Internet in the US, though people are free to look at anything they wish on the internet, one of the main challenges that people face is what their internet provider is doing with their information. This is a fear of many, as the provider of the internet can see what the person does online, in terms of what websites they may visit and how long they stay on these websites. This is true, even if the person were to turn on private browsing with their internet browser.

The fear of online crime

There is also a real fear of online crime. For 2021, it is estimated that cyber crime can cost a company up to $12.7 million to diagnose, correct and fix the issue. The United States as a whole, spends about 1% of its whole income on fighting cyber crime. In addition, studies have found that in order to resolve cyber crime attacks it can take up to 45 days in order to solve this.

The United States is faced with many different kinds of cyber crimes including phishing/social engineering, web based attacks, service denials and malicious codes to name a few. Most people who were victims of cyber crimes were found by criminals due to their internet connection being unsafe or completely unguarded, making this easy and weak targets.

These fears for security and related issues is why a VPN, or virtual private network, is often chosen by those who reside or visit the United States. Though other countries may want this VPN for accessing the Internet, those in the US are going to find that this allows for a more secure connection.

How a VPN Supplies a Secure Connection

When using a VPN, a person will find that their connection is even more secure than they would ever think. When you have a VPN, you are going to use one of their servers to get an anonymous IP address. This solves one problem of protecting you from your internet provider and other people from knowing what you are doing online. It also provides a level of privacy that you are not going to be afforded with your typical internet provider.

Since the VPN is running through its own server, and is going to give an anonymous IP address, that is going to change periodically during your internet session. This ability is going to make it nearly impossible for a cyber criminal to pinpoint your location, thus making you less of a target for these types of crimes.

There are several VPN providers on the market, but not all of these are the same. In fact, this is a fairly large market that has new companies popping up everyday. But, in order to be truly protected while surfing the Internet in the United States, you are going to want to choose only the best VPN providers that are on the market. The best VPN for USA are undoubtedly HideMyAss, IPVanish and Private Internet Access.

HideMyAss: The Best VPN for USA

This VPN is considered one of the best VPN’s on the market, for just about every country out there. We consider it as the best VPN for USA. This is due to their vast server network that is going to give you access no matter where you are in the world. The company was founded in 2005 in London, UK. Since first starting, the company has grown exponentially and continue to add more servers and IP addresses daily to their company.

The VPN provider has a total of 829 VPN servers in 289 locations that are located in 172 countries throughout the world. This is going to give the person access to 111,214 IP addresses. With the United States, HideMyAss provides 342 severs with access to 45,338 IP addresses. The specific locations of these servers are:

- Alabama, Montgomery: 2 servers with 248 addresses
- Alaska, Anchorage: 2 servers with 249 addresses
- Arizona, Phoenix: 19 servers with 2,371 addresses
- California with servers in LA, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose: 51 servers with 6,710 IP addresses
- Colorado, Denver: 3 servers with 381 IP addresses
- Connecticut, Trumball: 4 servers with 510 addresses
- Florida with servers in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando: 27 servers with 3,887 addresses
- Georgia, Atlanta: 8 servers with 1,015 addresses
- Hawaii, Honolulu: 2 servers with 243 addresses
- Illinois, Chicago: 16 servers with 1,763 addresses
- Indiana, South Bend: 5 servers with 620 addresses
- Iowa, Des Moines: 2 servers with 248 addresses
- Kansas, Wichita: 2 servers with 251 addresses
- Kentucky, Louisville: 2 servers with 248 addresses
- Louisiana, New Orleans: 2 servers with 248 addresses
- Maryland, Baltimore: 4 servers with 562 IP addresses
- Massachusetts, Boston: 6 servers, 745 addresses
- Michigan, Troy: 5 servers, 543 addresses
- Minnesota, Saint Paul: 2 servers, 248 addresses
- Missouri in Kansas City and St. Louis: 8 servers with 936 addresses
- Montana: Billings 2 servers with 248 addresses
- Nevada, Las Vegas: 3 servers with 347 addresses
- New Jersey in Clifton and Newark: 21 servers with 2661 addresses
- New Mexico, Albuquerque: 1 serve with 124 addresses
- New York in Albany, Buffalo and Manhattan: 35 servers with 4408 addresses
- North Carolina, Asheville: 7 servers with 883 addresses
- Ohio, Columbus: 5 servers with 502 addresses
- Oklahoma, Oklahoma City: 5 servers with 1,141 addresses
-  Oregon, Portland: 2 servers with 253 addresses
- Pennsylvania, Scranton: 1 server with 91 addresses
- South Carolina, Columbia: 2 servers with 246 addresses
- Tennessee, Nashville: 2 servers with 248 addresses
- Texas in Austin, Dallas, Houston and Round Rock: 25 servers with 3778 addresses
- Utah, Salt Lake City: 5 servers with 620 addresses
- Virginia, Ashburn: 5 servers with 589 addresses
- Washington DC: 8 servers with 1,026 addresses
- Washington, Seattle: 11 servers with 1,356 addresses
- Wisconsin, Madison: 4 servers with 496 addresses

Along with providing a high number of servers in different locations, HMA is one of the very few companies who offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This ensures that you are always satisfied with the results you are getting with this VPN provider.

Other noteworthy features of HMA include:

  • Only logs sign in and sign out times, no specific activities
  • Utilize the OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols
  • Can be used with 2 devices at the same
  • Works with most operating systems and devices on the market

The pricing packages for HideMyAss are impressive, with a person able to get this as low as $6.55 per month with a 12 month contract. Go directly to the homepage of HideMyAss now.

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VPN for USA: No logs at IP Vanish

IPVanish is a notable VPN provider on the market, that is considered a great choice for those who are in the United States, looking to get a VPN for security protection. The company has headquarters in Europe and North America, making it a great choice for the US.

Within the United States, IPVanish provides servers in:

- Virginia: 3 servers
- Georgia: 4 servers
- Illinois: 5 servers
- Texas: 4 servers
- Nevada: 2 servers
- California: 10 servers
- Florida: 4 servers
- New York: 6 servers
- Arizona: 5 severs
- Washington: 4 servers

The VPN does with with a variety of protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. The VPN provider also offers the ability to use their service with most major operating systems, most major browsers and many devices that are available on the market. One of the many advantages of IPVanish is that it does allow P2P downloading.

In terms of logging information, IPVanish does make note of the IP address that the user is using, the duration of time that the person spent online, and the bytes that were transferred while the person was logged in. IPVanish does recycle these logs and do not give it to any third parities.

Prices are affordable for what a person is getting with a monthly price of $10 per month. However, those who sign a 12 month contract will find that they can get this service for $6.49 per month.

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VPN recommendation for USA: Private Internet Access

This company started in 2009 and is sponsored by the London Trust Media, Inc, founded by Andrew Lee, who is also associated with Bitcoin. Already, many people are impressed with all the leadership that this company has.  The company may be small, but they are growing at a rate that will have them becoming a larger company in no time.

Within the United States, Private Internet Access has several servers, in several locations:

- California: 122 servers
- East US: 254 servers
- Midwest US: 292 servers
- Texas: 194 servers
- Florida: 56 servers
- Seattle: 65 servers
- West US: 96 servers
- Silicon Valley: 117 servers

The VPN provider can work with over 30 operating systems, including those major operating system like Windows, Apply and Android. In addition, the provider can work with OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec protocols.

One of the most beneficial features about Private Internet Access is that they do not log information of any kind on its users, a huge plus for those who want complete security and privacy.

The service is rather affordable with the monthly price being at $6.95 per month. For those who sign a year contract, the price is only $3.33 per month. They also accept a huge array of payment options including gift cards, bitcoin and Paypal, along with most standard payments.

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Wonder if a VPN service is right for you? In the US – the NSA has openly admitted to spying on US citizens with mass surveillance on the internet, whether in the right or in the wrong, data will be stored on the NSA’s private servers.

Grab the best VPN for the United States

If you are located in the Untied States, though you may have little restrictions on the Internet that you are using, you may feel as though you are not safe while using this. That is often the case, and the only way to truly get protected is to ensure that you have a safe connection to the Internet. HideMyAss, IPVanish and Private Internet Access can help to ensure that your connection is safe, no matter what.

There has never been a better time to grab a VPN and make sure all your data is safe from prying eyes. The three solutions all offer excellent service and there are plenty more VPN service reviews on our website. Check also Astrill VPN or for more internet privacy.

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