Express VPN Review

Express VPN Review


About Express VPN

Express VPNAn Express VPN review should note that the company is somewhat quiet about their origins and management.

•    There is no mention of where the VPN is located or who their management is aside from the fact that they are located in the United States.

•    You can connect with live representative from the company through their customer service program. There is also a full list of server locations for the company, though no mention of which is the host.

The privacy policy of Express VPN is very extensive, but is written in plain English which makes it easy to get the information you need to use the service with confidence. Since there is little information available regarding the origins of this company it is highly recommended by BestVPNService Magazine that you do some reading in this department first.

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VPN Servers

Servers are located in 45 different countries to maximize security bypass and speed.

•    The list of available networks is growing daily with countries on 6 continents represented.
•    Major countries including Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia and others are represented.

Much of an Express VPN review focuses on the idea that individuals will get the service they are looking for without having to compromise speed; the wide array of servers helps back this up.


Express VPN offers unlimited bandwidth to ensure that there is never any restriction on the speed you can get with this program.

•    256 bit data encryption keeps customers safe even while streaming to ensure that there is no limit on the activities you can perform.

•    You can change your VPN service to any of the servers in the network with no limitation throughout your session to maximize your speed.

Speed tests on a variety of servers and operating systems revealed no restrictions in the capabilities that Express VPN has for their bandwidth.

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Devices/Operating Systems

All major operating systems can be installed for both desktop and mobile functionality.

•    Mac
•    PC / Windows
•    Linux
•    Router
•    Apple TV
•    iOS
•    Android


You may select the protocols that you will use for each session depending on the speed or privacy settings you need.

•    IPSec
•    L2TP/IPSec
•    PPTP
•    SSL
•    SSTP
•    OpenVPN


Express VPN is located in the United States and follows the logging laws for this country.

•    Bandwidth transferred
•    Login IP
•    Access times

There is no specific mention of what data is collected during browsing sessions or how this data might be stored, which could be of some concern to users. There also may be some limitations on use given the laws which this company must follow.

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Privacy Policy

Information gathered about users according to the Express VPN privacy policy includes:

•    IP address
•    Customer contact information
•    Total amount of data transferred daily
•    Complaints about copyrighted materials being used

Information about specific correspondence such as VoIP or email is not logged. Any information stored may be shared with third party analytics providers but it is not sold to advertisers. If any information stored by Express VPN is requested by a legal authority the company will provide copies of their records.


P2P or torrenting is not expressly forbidden by the terms of use the company has set. That said, given their origins there is a ban on this activity throughout the United States. Any complaints about the illegal use of copyrighted materials on the Express VPN network will be noted and users could have their account shut down if they are found to be violating these legalities.

Prices and Packages

There are three pricing packages for Express VPN, based on the length of time that users invest in the product.

•    One month- $12.95

•    6 months- $9.99 / month

•    12 months- $8.32 / month

All plans are given 24/7 customer support, high speed bandwidth, full access to all ExpressVPN servers and accessibility for all apps.

Express VPN Prices
Express VPN offers three packages

Money Back Guarantee

Express VPN offers a no-hassle 30 day money back guarantee. There are no questions asked and all situations are covered.

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Payment methods include all the basic options customers expect.

•    Visa
•    MasterCard
•    Discover
•    American Express
•    PayPal
•    Bitcoin


Express VPN is very active on Facebook and Twitter and does much of their customer service from these venues.

•    Email support is available and guarantees a response within 24 hours.
•    Live chat 24/7
•    A United States based call center
•    Create a support ticket

Basic problems that you could be having with your network including a slow connection or difficulty connecting at all can be addressed from the support page. You can also check into specific sites that might be blocked or security issues. You are able to reach a representative from the company at any time of the day.

Summary about Express VPN

Overall the functionality of this VPN is solid, though there are a few things that should be noted if you are planning on investing in this VPN.

•    Our Express VPN review focuses on the wide availability of servers and the high speeds that you can count on if you are planning on using this VPN for streaming. Both of these are definite bonuses.

•    Get a full support system with 24/7 access so you never have to worry about your questions going unanswered. The support team has gotten high praise from users for providing easy solutions to their issues.

The main thing we would like to note at BestVPNService Magazine is that the level of privacy for Express VPN is a bit lower than some other clients. There is a bit of logging and some limitations on the kind of content that you are able to share.

This is largely due to the laws active in the United States which require services such as these to comply with legal requests, but it should still be noted before you start browsing with Express VPN.

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  2. I think the simplicity is the strongest selling point of ExpressVPN. Its speed test is
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  3. I really love express VPN. It’s compatible to any PC and it’s fast. Most importantly, it’s way cheaper than the other VPNs but it the speed is just the same.

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