Free VPN Services – Benefits & Disadvantages

Free VPN Services – Benefits & Disadvantages

Free VPN services - benefits and disadvantages
Free VPN services – learn more about benefits and disadvantages

Are free VPN services reliable? Learn now more about benefits and disadvantages!

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a great way to not only remain anonymous for what you do online, but to also provide you with the opportunity to access blocked websites that your country may have in place.

When it comes to VPN’s, there are several on the market. Most people would prefer to use a free VPN, which is understandable, as these free VPN’s can provide to have many benefits.

These benefits of free VPN services include:

- Being free to use
- Instantly able to use without having to go through a huge process

Free VPN services to consider


1. Cyberghost

Cyberghost does offer a free version of their VPN, which allows access to their VPN services. However, it means that the person can only access the VPN for a total of 3 hours per day and are only going to utilize a few of the servers that are available by the VPN. Learn more about CyberGhost.


2. SecurityKiss

This VPN is free to use, and it does allow access to the majority of their servers. In addition to this, they do limit just how much time you can spend with their VPN when using the free version.


3. Hotspot Shield

This free VPN allows you to access blocked websites, just as a normal VPN would do. However, with the free version your speeds are greatly hindered, along with a slue of advertisements that are going to fill your pages. Learn more about Hotspot Shield!


Disadvantages of Free VPN services

Though a free VPN may sound like the way to go, there are some disadvantages to these that can greatly hinder your enjoyment of the VPN. These disadvantages include:

- Slower speeds than a paid version
- More advertisements to deal with when a free version is downloaded
- Time limits on just how long you can use the VPN during a session
- Bandwith limits
- You could possibly infect your device with malware when you are using a not trustworth free version

The Better Option: Recommended paid VPN services

If you truly want to ensure that you are safe and secure while surfing online, and to also ensure that you are are able to access the website of your choice, then a paid version of a VPN is the best route to go. Some of the best paid VPN’s to consider are HideMyAss and IPVanish.


This VPN has over 80,000 IP addresses to choose from and over 630 servers for you to utilize with a paid membership to the service. This means you are going to have no trouble with finding a connection that is fast. In addition, this is going to ensure that you are protected since they do not limit the time frame on using this, nor do they log information about what you may doing online. They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee to try out the service, which is great, as you can really see the difference between this VPN and a free VPN in these 30 days. Visit HideMyAss now!

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This VPN service over 130 servers to utilize, and you have no restrictions on which server you use or if you switch between servers to increase your speed. They log a small amount of data, but nothing that is going to come back on the individual. They also offer a 7 day money back guarantee for those who try their services.

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In the end, if you truly want to be protected, a free VPN is simply not going to cut it. You need a paid VPN in order to ensure that you protected and that you are not going to run into any problems with using the VPN.

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