Hidemyass VPN Review – No. 1 VPN

Hidemyass VPN Review – No. 1 VPN

HideMyAss VPN review
Find out why HideMyAss VPN is our No. 1 choice

Hidemyass is one of the top VPN services in the world.
The company was founded in London, United Kingdom in 2005.

Products include an IP port proxy list, free web proxies, anonymous email, free file uploads, HMA! VPN and more.

First thing first, there are several packages that you can use with HideMyAss; these packages focus on the length of your subscription rather than offering more or less coverage. At BestVPNService Magazine we have picked this as our top VPN provider because of the comprehensive service you get with a HideMyAss membership.

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VPN Servers

HideMyAss works to offer as much coverage as you can think of, helping to make sure that you can keep using this service without the worry that you will wind up losing some of your privacy along the way.

•    Over 115,000 IP addresses
•    868 VPN servers which are spread across 193 countries in 311 total locations
•    Most servers are in North America and Europe but they cover 6 different continents

The wide expanse of servers makes sure that location of the IP addresses can never be detected for more than a few minutes at a time. This also helps to offer individuals more content by bypassing the privacy settings from more countries.

HideMyAss VPN review server
HideMyAss VPN has servers in 76 countries

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HideMyAss works to offer fastest service by industry standards.

•    Speed will always vary by location but many report 80+ ping, down load speeds averaging 6-7 mbps and upload speeds averaging 3mbps.
•    A speed guide is available to customers to help them test download and upload times on each of the available servers.
•    Users are routed to the fastest VPN server available automatically but they are still encouraged to run the speed test frequently to determine how accurate their readings are.
•    The system also includes an automatic load balancing program which will filter users to the least loaded HMA VPN servers within a defined group or country. This helps to ensure that you get enough resources for any kind of activity that you might need.

It is generally recommended that users use OpenVPN whenever possible but if your primary focus is speed then you can alter your settings to TCP or UDP port which use less resources.

HideMyAss VPN review Speed

Devices/Operating Systems

Unlike other VPN services, it’s been noted that HideMyAss can be used across multiple devices at the same time.

•    Internet able TV
•    Gaming consoles
•    Computers
•    Mobile phones
•    Tablets

The HideMyAss software is also compatible with iOS, PC, Mac and Android devices so you can use one subscription to power all of your devices at once.


A HideMyAss Review should note that the company follows all major VPN protocols that are considered standard in the industry.

•    OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols are available. The user determines which settings they use to share their data online.
•    OpenVPN from HideMyAss uses industry-standard cryptography from their library to authenticate and encrypt data.

OpenVPN is available through HMA or VPN software clients for Windows. You can access this through “Tunnelblick” for those using the software via Mac.


There is some basic logging which HideMyAss uses to monitor their customers.

•    Sign in and sign out times are managed with every session, though HideMyAss claims that they do not track specific activity during this time.
•    All login information and personal information needed to start your account is kept on file.

Cookie data is logged during use to monitor the quality of service when individuals visit the HideMyAss website.

Privacy Policy

Any personal data which is stored by HideMyAss remains secure on their servers and can be transferred within the European Economic Area.

•    Registration info including email address, user name, IP address and password. Your password is kept encrypted. This is used for fraud and abuse prevention or sending email updates.

•    Payment information based on the payment method you choose, address and credit card information. Credit card information is not stored after payments are processed.

•    Time stamps of IP addresses when individuals log in and out as well as which VPN servers were used. This is used to track performance and all data is deleted from HideMyAss servers after 2-3 months unless it is requested by authorities for legal reasons.

•    The time of email registration, anonymous email address established through the website, password and all emails stored by the customer on the server. Emails are not stored for more than 2 years and will be removed if they are deleted by the user. This information will only be shared as part of a legal investigation.

•    Premium service data collected includes an email address to deliver a receipt, port proxy list and payment information. This will be used to send transaction and proxy information to the user as well as sending email updates. Any information not directly used for accounting purposes will be deleted from the HideMyAss servers after 2 years.

For the most part users are satisfied with the privacy settings set by HideMyAss, but BestVPNService Magazine has noted that some question how anonymous their activity truly is on these servers if cookie and IP address information is logged with each session.


Torrenting or P2P activity is not specifically outlined on the HideMyAss website, though there are no specific restrictions placed on these activities for those that are interested in using them.

•    Software such as BitTorrent is compatible with the software that manages HideMyAss activity.

•    You will need to monitor your connectivity carefully as your IP address will immediately become visible after your VPN service disconnects.

HideMyAss does offer a Secure IP Bind tool which can be used to ensure that websites, such as BitTorrent clients, can only connect through your VPN. This will help ensure that your IP address is not accidentally exposed when you are performing activities that need to be kept private.

At this time this feature is only available for Windows users but there are firewall settings available through Mac which could offer similar results.


Why HideMyAss is the best VPN worldwide?

Prices and Packages
of HideMyAss VPN

Current prices for 2021 are set with some discount.

•    One month for $ 9.99
•    6 months for $ 8.33 a month
•    12 months for $ 6.55 a month

Six and 12 months packages will be charged as one payment of $ 49.99 and $ 78.66 respectively.

Money Back Guarantee

HideMyAss does offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all of their customers.

•    The money back guarantee is a full service refund with no questions asked. The 30 day countdown begins from the day of purchase.

•    Because of the full money back guarantee there is no free trial available with this service.

•    The purchase price of this service will fluctuate frequently as sales come up so those looking for a deal should check back frequently to determine the best time to buy.

The software that helps run HideMyAss VPN activity is very basic so there is not much of a concern that users will not be satisfied with this aspect of their purchase. In most cases the money back guarantee is set in place for those that are in remote areas or are unsure regarding how fast their service will be.

Users are encouraged to track their ping during several sessions to determine their average speed and to check whether or not they are experiencing lag before they commit to a full subscription.

In most cases users have reported no problems in either of these categories.


A variety of payment options are available to customers interested in signing up with HideMyAss services.

•    Credit card
•    PayPal
•    Bitcoin
•    Bank or wire transfer

It is important to note that if you are buying a subscription for several months this will be taken as a single lump payment. Payment information is stored on the secure servers owned and operated by HideMyAss.

Basic information including the selected username, password or IP used at registration will be held for record keeping purposes. All other data not directly related to accounting measures for the company will be deleted after the payment is processed.


HideMyAss offers a comprehensive 24/7 support system should clients require it.

•    Live chat, phone service or email tickets are available depending on the user’s preference.

•    It should be noted that while telephone support is available this does not include immediate access to live operators.

•    Live chat operates 12 hours a day. Most of this setup is for sales inquiries though billing or technical questions are also welcome here.

•    Several common topics including information about changes on the site or questions from users are also posted under the support section of the webpage.

•    All users are given access to tutorials and a Q and A section of the website that covers most queries that customers have about how to use the software.

•    Customers note that most tickets get a timely response from any form of customer support that HideMyAss operates. There are not any outstanding complaints that indicate there is a problem in this sector.

Users generally note that the live chat option is the fastest way to get a response from HideMyAss representatives. The email program usually gets you a response within an hour of sending in your ticket.

This is an ideal choice for those that want a track-able record of the questions that they had, particularly if you are determining how to manage a billing situation. In most cases, however, basic questions about how to use the software can be answered just by browsing the forums on the website.

These are searchable so it’s easy to find the answers you might need.

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Summary about HideMyAss VPN

Overall, BestVPNService Magazine has a favorable impression of HideMyAss and would be willing to recommend it to those looking for a solid system.

•    Number of VPN servers and IP addresses is impressive.

•    Prices are relatively low and the software regularly goes on sale to offer individuals a lower price. This is coupled with a comprehensive money back guarantee which makes it easy for users to make the switch if they decide this service isn’t right for them.

•    There are no complaints about speed and no indication that using the HideMyAss software causes lag in operation. The automatic search function helps to make sure that you are being routed to the servers with the most resources available to minimize any problems.

•    The support is a bit more independent than you might get with other services. It’s often easier to look up the answer on your own than to try to call into the customer support line. That said, the software is fairly basic and there is not much of a learning curve here so in most cases a full session with a customer service agent does not seem necessary.

•    There are some questions about how private HideMyAss really is, given the amount of data they collect. However, anyone looking for a VPN client is going to be concerned about information that is kept on the VPN servers. All VPN services will need to release information for a criminal investigation, so it does not appear that HideMyAss is keeping more data than others might or using it in a way that is questionable.

In general, this HideMyAss Review comes out favorable. This is an inexpensive service that offers a lot of options to users for the price. As far as VPN clients are concerned, HideMyAss has the basics that any new customers would be looking for. Highly recommended for nothing less than 5 star services!

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  1. Absolutely love this VPN! Apart from I am able to open other country’s streaming sites and other sites, I use it in my business listings tasks for my client. Can’t give it
    enough credit.

  2. Absolutely love this VPN! Apart from I am able to open other country’s streaming sites and other sites, I use it in my business listings tasks for my client. Can’t give it
    enough credit.

  3. Connecting to public wifi scares the hell off me. I always get this feeling that my privacy is at stake so I’m using HMA as
    my VPN. I can surf the web safe and sound. Installation
    is easy and I can change my IP address instantly.

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