IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish VPN Review


About IPVanish

IPvanishIPVanish has been offering internet services to the people for more than 15 years. IPVanish has global presence. The company has offices present in both North America as well as Europe.  Although IPVanish VPN has only recently started providing VPN services, it has become a household name in this field in a very short period of time.

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VPN Servers

IPVanish VPN has more than 130 servers located in over 58 countries around the world.  IPVanish VPN has a total of 67 servers in Europe with 11 of them present in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In Asia, IPVanish has servers located in 12 countries while it has 41 servers in North America, 4 in South America and three a piece in Oceania region and Africa.

With so many servers located in almost every continent of the globe, IPVanish VPN offers its users the chance to connect to the internet at a split of a second.

IPVanish VPN Servers
IPVanish VPN Servers worldwide


•    When testing the speed of IPVanish VPN, we found that it does not affect the upload time, but decreases the download speed by about 50%.

•    Our tests revealed that users were able to browse the internet with high speeds, even when using IPVanish VPN.

Its ability to provide lightning fast internet speeds is definitely one of the plus-points of IPVanish VPN that we have found in our review.

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IPVanish Speed Test
IPVanish Speed Test


Alabama, USA – Not connected to VPN:


Atlanta, Georgia – USA

Toronto, Canada

Netherlands, Amsterdam


Devices / Operating Systems

•    The VPN is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 meaning that it can be run on PCs.

•    IPVanish VPN can be configured with ease on Mac OS X as well.

•    IPVanish VPN is compatible with iOS as well and thus can be used on both iPad and iPhone.

•    This VPN has an android app as well and can be setup on Ubuntu, Chrome and routers as well.

Since IPVanish VPN can be setup on all devices and operating systems.It is not hard to understand why it gets the vote for being the most compatible VPN software at Best VPN Service Magazine.


The following are the protocols that are offered by IPVanish VPN for its users

•    PPTP

•    OpenVPN

•    L2TP

Not having SSTP was a minor blip for IPVanish VPN but since it offer all the other major protocols, the unavailability of this protocol does not make it a bad VPN.

IPVanish VPN Server
IPVanish VPN offers different protocols and many servers


The following is a list of the logging information that is recorded by IPVanish VPN.

•    A timestamp of the duration for each of its user’s connection.

•    The IP address of the users.

•    The amount of bytes transferred during the connection.

We at Best VPN Service Magazine appreciate the fact that IPVanish VPN recycles all of the logs that it maintains and does not disclose its information to anyone, thus protecting its user’s privacy.

Privacy Policy of IPVanish

The privacy policy of IPVanish VPN clearly states that:

•    IPVanish VPN does not keep logs of its customers.

•    The company does not disclose the information of its users to anyone.

IPVanish VPN bills itself as a company that does not keep logs of its customers. We at Best VPN Service Magazine believe that this is a hallmark of a responsible company.

P2P / Torrent

•    P2P Downloading is allowed on all of IPVanish VPN servers.

•    Downloading content using Bit Torrent is not permitted.

While P2P downloading is not prohibited on IPVanish VPN servers, Torrents are not allowed. The reason for this that Best VPN Service Magazine got from IPVanish was that it only allows downloading of legal content.

Prices & Packages

•    One Month package offers all servers and costs $10 per month.

•    3 Months package offers all servers and costs $8.99 per month.

•    One Year package offers all servers and costs $6.49 per month.

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•    A 7-day money back guarantee is offered on all pricing plans.

•    The money back guarantee means that you can get your money back if the VPN fails to impress you within a period of a week.

The 7-day money back guarantee offered by IPVanish VPN makes it a safe VPN for users to buy, as they can get a full refund if they do not find its services up to their liking.


IPVanish VPN can be paid for using the following payment methods.

•    PayPal

•    Credit Card

Bitcoin payment option is not present, which means that you cannot buy IPVanish VPN anonymously.


•    E-mail

•    Live Chat Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm)

•    Support Form

•    Forum and Blog

In our IPVanish VPN review, we found out that the customer support provided by the company is very robust and professional which is a certainly an admirable quality that will be appreciated by the users.

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Video: Why to use IPVanish as your VPN service

Summary about IPVanish

IPVanish VPN has a world-wide presence with servers located in virtually every country. It offers good customer support and has been in this industry for the past many years. The company provides economical pricing packages and offers adequate privacy to its users without affecting their internet experience.

All of these remarkable qualities make IPVanish VPN a good choice for all users seeking privacy on the internet.

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IPVanish VPN Flyer with additional informations (pdf)
IPVanish VPN Speedtests (pdf)

Server Diversity
Protocols Available
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  1. IPVanish has been a reliable VPN service for me. With the help of my IP Vanish connection, I can push all my internet traffic to my website. It is easy to select an ip address from a lot of different cities in a lot of countries which is cool. Also, the
    service has been so fast that I can’t see any buffering when I’m watching vids. This one has been good!

  2. IPVanish has shite customer service, unless you can stay at home during the weekday, because they all go home at 5. Literally, it takes multiple days of me sending in a support request, receiving a response the next day after work asking for more info, me responding, them responding the next day, which I don’t get until after work, etc–might as well be fucking snail mail! Plus, my torrents download fine with IPVanish, but it’s hard as hell to complete uploading them no matter what node I connect to. Finally, their software is rubbish on my Win 7 system. Sometimes it even tells me I’m protected, but when I check my IP I can see that I’m not. I even did a complete reinstall of my OS, to no avail. I had to configure my connections manually, which limits your choices to just those you configure. I’m done with these clowns.

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