Keep Your Skype Safe

Keep Your Skype Safe


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skype lockskype lock Skype is easily becoming one of the most used VOIP for personal and business users. In addition, many people use this as their instant messaging system of choice. It is a great way to connect, and can be downloaded for free. But, there are still some privacy and security issues that people need to be aware of before they jump on the Skype wagon.

One of the features that people love about Skype is the ability to see all conversations that have taken place on Skype via VOIP and instant messaging. For many businesses, this can serve as a great record to ensure that employees are only making business related conversations while at work. However, this feature can also put a vulnerability on the user. If you can see everything that has been done, there is nothing to stop a hacker or online criminal from seeing this information as well. That is why there are several security and privacy settings that you can tweak that are going to allow  you to stay safe and keep your information from prying eyes.

Start Off With Your Privacy Secured

This should be one of the first things that a person does when they utilize Skype on their mobile or desktop, and this is to secure your privacy. This can be performed from the Options menu, and then click on the Privacy tab.

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skype 1 From here, you can click to allow people on your list to all you, set your instant messaging for anyone to contact you through and the like. Through doing this, you can avoid unwanted phone calls via Skype. You can also block any contacts that you do not want to receive any contact from.

When you click on the Advanced Settings you can also delete cookies and the like from this place.

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Your History

One of the best ways to protect your privacy via Skype is to delete the history of what you do while using Skype. This can seem tedious to do each time. Which is why there is an option to stop Skype from keeping a history. Under the Skype Options tab in Advanced Settings simply choose to Keep history for Never, and save this. Also clear the history while you are there.

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Add More Security to your Device

There are tons of services out there that can add to the security that you have while using Skype. For example:

  1. SkypeLogView helps you to see all the logs that Skype keeps on the incoming calls, outgoing calls and messages that you have sent.
  2. You can encrypt your chat with services like CryptoChat4
  3. Or you can utilize a VPN as a way to not only secure Skype, but your internet in general

A VPN, such as HideMyAss, is going to allow for secure connections that are completely private. Thus, you never have to worry that someone is accessing your data and seeing everything that you do. In addition, this can be one of the best methods for securing your device entirely.

Though Skype is a great invention and it has come in useful for both personal and business use, it has opened up the security issues that are often how information is stolen. With these helpful tips though, you should be able to get a secure connection and have no worries.


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