Make Your Mozilla Firefox Even More Secure

Make Your Mozilla Firefox Even More Secure


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Mozilla Firefox is one of those browsers that more and more people are utilizing. Those who use this often state that this is easily one of the most secure browsers that a person can use when looking online. However, there are methods that most people do not even think of that can make this browser even more secure. The following six tips can help to make your browser even more secure, which offers you even more protection while online.

A Master Password Is A Must Have

Most all browsers have the added feature that allows you to remember your passwords into different websites that you are using. This can be a great time saver and also allows you to ensure that you are never locked out of accounts when you forget a password. However, this is one security vulnerability that most people are not aware of. These passwords are stored within the browser, which means that they can easily be targeted by those who can hack into your system. Luckily, Firefox gives you the option of setting a Master password.

This Master password is going to be used as a way to protect the previously stored passwords, so that no one can access these. This can easily be enacted via the Options menu:

mozilla master password

When you activate this feature, the master password will be required each time that you go and try to log into a site that has a saved password. This ensures that only you are going to have access to these websites.

Be Careful with Syncing

Those who are running Mozilla Firefox on various devices, do have the option to sync these devices with one another. In using this, a person can ensure that they never miss out on their bookmarks, saved passwords or other information, as they can seamlessly transfer from one device to the other. However, with syncing this means that if someone were to hack into one device, they can easily get to the other devices that are synced onto the same account. In order to avoid this issue, be sure that you use a password that is going to be hard to guess when you are creating synced accounts. The more difficult your password, the less likely hackers are going to be able to access these synced accounts. If you do find that someone has access one of your synced accounts, be sure that you are breaking the sync connection these as fast as possible so that someone cannot gain access to all of your information.

Ensure All Your Security Options Are Enabled

For the most part, it is pretty standard for Mozilla Firefox to ensure that all the security options on the browser are enabled upon using this browser for the first time. However, for whatever reason, some people find that their security settings can change from time to time, putting them more at risk for hackers and other online criminals. This is an easy fix, as it just requires that you take some time and check out these security settings via the Options menu on the browser.

mozilla security

From here, you are going to want to ensure that you have “Warn me when sties try to install add-ons”, “Block reported attack sites”, and “Block reported web forgeries”, enacted to keep your browser as protected as possible.

Get More Protection With Certain Add-Ons

There are certain add-ons that you can use with Mozilla Firefox in order to get even more protection.

NoScript is an add-on that allows you to control which sites that run Java, Flash and other sites that have embedded additions like this. These types of additions have been known in the past to be a channel for security issues.

For those who are looking for a way to block those banner ads, pop ups and other related content, they will find that Adblock Plus can be a great add-on to have. Though these add-ons are not designed for blocking malware and the like, through blocked those annoying ads, this can also happen.

You have a way to block going to dangerous websites, even those websites that you may not be aware are dangerous, with Web of Trust. This add-on warns you when you may be stumbling onto a website that could cause you harm.

There are tons of other add-ons that are available for Firefox, a person simply has to spend some time looking through what is available and deciding on what they need.

Keep Plug Ins Updated

Most everyone utilizes plug ins Java, on a daily basis when browsing the Internet. However, it is when these plug ins become outdated that hackers use this as a way to infiltrate your device. Therefore, always ensure that you have the latest version of your plug ins installed. A great way to do this is to use the Mozilla Plug In Checker, to ensure that everything is up to date and up to speed.

Use a VPN

A VPN, even when using an insecure Internet connection can offer a level of protection that cannot be found anywhere else. A VPN, such as HideMyAss, is going to ensure that no one can see what you do online, while also helping to ensure that you can access sites that would normally be restricted for you to utilize.

If you take the time to ensure that your browser is secure, you will find that these few minutes are going to be well wroth your time. When a hacker is able to get into someone’s data via their browser, they can steal anything. This can lead to identity theft, which can take years to clear up. So, a few minutes every week is well worth the peace of mind that you will receive.


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