Make your Safari Browser Safer with These Easy Steps

Make your Safari Browser Safer with These Easy Steps


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Safari is often the browser that is used by those who are using Apple products, as it is the standard browser for these devices. Typically, once you open a new device and start using this browser, you are rather secure. But, there are things in which  you can do make Safari even more secure than what it normally is. And this is the goal of many security minded users, who know all to well what type of information a browser can leak to a hacker.

Always Keep Safari Up To Date

To ensure that you are always running a secure version of Safari, be sure that this is up to date. Most devices are going to update this automatically, but there are occasions in which this does not work. Therefore, you will want to go to the Apple menu and click on Software Updates. Here, you can check to make sure that all programs, including Safari, are updated with the latest. If not, you can click to update these to ensure that you are safe.

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Making Safari More Secure

Once everything is updated, it is time to do what you can do in order to make Safari a more safe browser for you to use. The first step in this is to go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences.

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Once you click on this, there are going to be several tabs in which you can choose from. To start, go to the General tab. Here, you are going to want to select several options:

- Click to Remove History items after one day

- Click to open save files after downloading

- You can change the download default folder is you wish

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Now, go to the AutoFill tab, and you will want to deselect all the web form options here. There are three options, and you do not want any of these to be active, as this means that no passwords, contacts, or other information will be stored for someone else to get a hold of.

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Next, go to the Passwords tab, and remove any passwords that have been saved here. This is going to add in extra safety, as no  passwords will be saved which means that hackers cannot access this information.

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On to the Security tab, you will find that you will want to ensure that several options are clicked:

- Warn when visiting a fraudulent websites

- Enable JavaScript

- Block pop-up windows

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For those running the latest version of Safari, the Privacy tab is separate from security and this is where you can control the cookies. You will want to select:

- Block cookies from third parties and advertisers

- Ask websites not to track

- Make sure to deny websites the ability to track you

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With all these options, your browser is very secure. But, there are still ways in which you can make this even more secure.

Utilizing Browser Extensions for Added Security

There are several extensions that a person can utilize on their Safari browser to add to its safety. These can be browsed via the Safari Extensions selection on the menu. A few that are worth considering are:

- Ghostery, which is a way to see what websites have been tracking you, and then you can block them with this app.

- AdBlock can be a great way to ensure that you are not getting any unwanted pop up ads delivered to your browser.

- Get protection with a virtual private network, that ensures that no one can see what you are doing via this private connection. A great VPN is HideMyAss, that has servers and IP addresses available throughout the world.

If you are using a Safari browser, be sure that you are taking the time to make this secure. You will find that Apple devices are secure on their own, but there is no reason that you should chance becoming a victim of a hacker when these simple fixes can make your browser even safer.


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