Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access Review


About Private Internet Access

PrivateInternetPrivate Internet Access is sponsored by London Trust Media, Inc.

• In spite of the name, this company is actually housed out of the United States. The company was founded by Andrew Lee, who also worked for Bitcoin.
• Private Internet Access was founded in August 2009 and since then has managed to grow to over 100,000 regular subscribers.

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VPN Servers

Private Internet Access currently offers over 1,400+ servers in 10 countries but this is expected to grow.

•    United States
•    Canada
•    United Kingdom
•    France
•    Germany
•    Switzerland
•    Netherlands
•    Sweden
•    Romania
•    Hong Kong


Most servers clock at least 30,000 mbps when Private Internet Access is engaged. The top performing servers are those out of the United States and the Netherlands.

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Devices/Operating Systems

Private Internet Access can run on almost 40 operating systems including:
•    PC / Windows
•    Apple
•    Linux
•    iOS
•    Android


When users sign in they can choose which protocols to use for their VPN setup for each browsing session.

•    OpenVPN
•    PPTP
•    L2TP/IPSec

All capabilities are offered with each membership without restriction. These are also partnered with encrypted wifi with unlimited bandwidth.


One of the main advertising points for Private Internet Access is that they do not do any logging at all.

•    While technically any information that is kept on file must be turned over to the authorities in the event of a legitimate investigation, Private Internet Access does not keep any metadata from browsing sessions or logs for their customers.

A Private Internet Access review often focuses on the fact that Private Internet Access spends more time investigating search warrants to ensure their legitimacy than complying with their requests. Any warrants that are deemed to be out of jurisdiction or issued by parties which have no authority to seize data get no response.

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Privacy Policy of Private Internet Access

In order to manage their services, Private Internet Access collects:

•    Payment data
•    Email address
•    Google analytics data, which appears anonymously
•    Submissions to the “contact us” page
•    Any emails sent to the company
•    Apache webserver logs

A temporary cookie is also collected from those that opt out of the optional control panel. This blocks control panel login data. All other information is used to send subscription and payment conformations as well as for accounting purposes. Google analytics and apache webserver logs are used to improve the website, though no usernames or passwords are logged.


All servers from Private Internet Access offer private browsing with no logging that should not interrupt torrenting.

•    P2P support is available to all members.
•    Multiple VPN gateways ensure that torrent and P2P data runs smoothly.

A SOCKS5 proxy is also available to those that require additional streaming support.

Prices and Packages

Those interested in investing in Private Internet Access can purchase a membership in monthly, bi-annual or yearly increments.

•    1 month – $6.95
•    6 months – $35.95 or $5.99 a month
•    1 year – $39.95 or $3.33 a month

All account packages include a secure account, P2P and VoIP support, encrypted wifi, no logging, SOCKS5 proxy, multiple VPN gateways, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN options, unlimited bandwidth, instant setup and the ability to use the VPN on up to five devices simultaneously.

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Money Back Guarantee

Private Internet Access does not offer any type of service guarantee or money back guarantee. However, in the service agreement there is a refund policy listed which allows people to get their money back if they are unsatisfied with service. Requests must be made within 7 days of purchase.


BestVPNService Magazine has noted that Private Internet Access offers a variety of different payment methods, including gift cards which most companies do not accept.

•    Visa
•    MasterCard
•    American Express
•    Discover
•    PayPal
•    Bitcoin
•    CashU
•    Pay Garden
•    OK Pay
•    Amazon payments
•    Best Buy gift cards
•    Target gift cards
•    Gap gift cards


A variety of support options are made available to clients, including regular network speed tests.

•    Setup guides for all major browsers
•    Live chat with Private Internet Access representatives
•    A full FAQ section on the support page of the website
•    Ticket submission on support page

An additional FAQ is available on the contact us page which covers some of the most basic information that customers might need. A full address is also available for the company as well as an email address and social media links. However, there is no phone number provided for those that might want verbal assistance.

Summary about Private Internet Access

A Private Internet Access review is a bit limited simply because this company is still growing, but many of the options that they provide their customers are very positive.

•    The price is a bit higher than some of the other popular VPN clients on the market, but not unreasonably so. For the price, there is a great deal of service on offer so it does not appear that customers are overpaying.
•    No logging means all users get a maximum level of privacy. Those that are concerned about their information being sold to advertisers can rest assured that there is no data catalogued which could be used.
•    Customers get a high level of performance and a variety of security options which they can use to browse, torrent or use P2P setups as they desire.

Those that want a full range of activity from their VPN without any restrictions will like what Private Internet Access has to offer. There is a high level of anonymity with a hands-off approach that helps users feel like they are truly secure.

There is still a decent level of customer support, however, so those that are in need of help, on and off, will still feel like they are getting plenty for their money.

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