The War on Security Seen at Mobile World Congress

The War on Security Seen at Mobile World Congress


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With recent security headlines across the world, people are taking notice of what is happening to government, businesses and other organizations. People are now worried that their own data could be compromised via the devices that they utilize. This is a legitimate worry, as no one is safe in the cyber world, unless they are taking proper precautions.

Currently, in Barcelona, Spain, the Mobile World Congress is being held. This Congress highlights new pieces of technology that are being designed and may make it to the consumer market. But, a big part of this Congress this year is security. In response to these worries and complaints, several companies have stepped forward with technology that is meant to protect people, rather than allow them to be the equivalent of sitting targets for cyber criminals.

The BlackPhone 2

Blackphone 2

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So what makes this phone so special? The phone utilizes a new operating system called PrivatOS 1.1, which is an Android based system. But, what is special about this system is that it allows for the administrator to sweep the phone and remove any and all data if needed. Such as the case would be if the phone were to be stolen by someone. In addition this phone:

- Encrypts all messages that are sent from the phone

- Allows for business and personal information on the phone to be separate and require a separate password to access

- Encrypts all voice calls and videos on the phone

- Automatically encrypts the address book within the phone

The BlackPhone 2 is one that ensures that the user is always safe and their data can easily be removed if needed. As to when this phone is going to be available to the market, it is still in beta mode right now. However, the CEO of BlackPhone has hinted at making the technology behind the phone available for other types of phones. He stated:

“We know that we are not going to have a company buy only Blackphone devices. There are going to be people who are not going to give up their iPhones. There are going to be people who are going to want some sort of other Android phone, so we’re providing the communications ecosystem and infrastructure that works on any of those devices.”

New SailFish OS

SailFish OS is an option for those who would rather not choose Google Android, but it is only available in Jolla devices right now, which can be hard for those who are in the US to get a hold of. With this being said, the release of the updated SailFish OS, shows that the company was not only thinking about beating Android in terms of how their OS works, but also about the security that their device could offer.

jolla tablet

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Jolla released their OS in a new tablet, and thus far, reviews have been positive in terms of how this OS is running in comparison with other OS on the market. However, what is striking most people is the security that this OS is offering. The co-founder of Jolla, Marc Dillion has stated:

“[Google's OS was essentially] designed to collect data from its users, with the explicit motive of selling it. We are not going to sell user data.”

This comes as welcoming news to many, who are in agreement that the security features of Google OS are not orientated towards the consumer.

The War on Security

What these two companies have done is provide a way for consumers to have options to protect themselves while online. Though these designs were at the Congress and may not make it to the market for a while, in order to ensure they are going to work properly, it shows that the market is heading in the right direction.

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