TorGuard VPN builds massive server network

TorGuard VPN builds massive server network

TorGuard VPN server network
TorGuard VPN builds massive server network

TorGuard VPN announced a significant expansion of its network of VPN servers. Around ninety new servers are setup to operate at eleven countries.

The VPN provider underpins that this massive server expansion helps best protect users’ privacy, and at the same time it also provides the fastest VPN connection across the global market.

The new servers are already active and can be reached using the TorGuard software.

New VPN servers for TorGuard are placed at the following sites:

(30) UK (best VPN for United Kingdom)
(20) Miami (USA)
(10) Dallas (USA)
(10) Netherlands
(8) Canada (best VPN for Canada)
(5) Sweden (best VPN for Sweden)
(3) Poland (best VPN for Poland)
(3) Romania
(1) Switzerland (best VPN for Switzerland)
(1) Luxembourg
(1) Latvia

Thus, TorGuard VPN meets the increased interest among the VPN users. The VPN provider opines that, TorGuard VPN service gives more value to the internet users’ privacy with respect to anonymous surfing, internet security, and also challenges the level of internet censorship. The continuous expansion of its own network is therefore a logical consequence.

TorGuard VPN is available at reasonable prices. Currently the service is available at $9.99 per month. In case the customers are availing membership for a longer duration such as three months, the VPN service is available at still cheaper rates of $ 19.99, and $ 29.99 for six months and $ 59.99 for twelve months.

Strong VPN service

This Virtual Private Network can be used on any of the usual operating systems. The bandwidth and the data size are unlimited. Five simultaneous connections, i.e., with different devices at the same time are possible.

TorGuard VPN pursues a no-logs policy and, is compliant with VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, and IKEv2. Torrents and P2P are expressly allowed. Other packages of TorGuard include: Anonymous Proxy ($ 5.95), Smart DNS ($ 5.95) and Private email ($ 6.95).

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Encrypted e-mail system by TorGuard

Recently, an improvement has also been made in the e-mail system of TorGuard. A new encrypted e-mail platform was announced. This new encrypted email platform is now available to all users, and every VPN member is eligible for a free 10mb email box with unlimited storage options available.


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