VPN Sale: the best VPN Discounts for Christmas

VPN Sale: the best VPN Discounts for Christmas

VPN Sale VPN Discounts
Christmas 2021: The best VPN Sale and VPN Discounts

This Christmas, VPN providers are coming up with VPN sale to provide attractive discounts for customers.

Internet users can greatly benefit from these schemes. If you are on the lookout for a good VPN service and would like to avail a discounted package, then December is the right time.

We have listed out the special offers from HideMyAss, Vypr VPN and IPVanish VPN services.

The best VPN Discounts available in the market this Christmas:

XMas Special at HideMyAss:

The market leader HideMyAss has an exclusive “Xmas Special” offer on VPN sale which gives up to 57% discount on regular packages.

The packages are currently available at these prices:
1 month: $ 9.99 (instead of $ 11.52) – 13% savings
6 months, $ 39.99 (instead of $ 69.12) – 42% savings
12 months: $ 59.99 (instead of $ 138.24) – 57% savings

There is also an attractive annual package that corresponds to a price of € 48.82 which is equal to just € 4.06 per month. The XMas Special runs even till January 2021 and is a good opportunity to get this powerful VPN service. Currently, HideMyAss has the largest VPN network with 744 servers in 128 countries. A total of nearly 100,000 IP addresses are being provided.

Check the XMas Special of HideMyAss

VPN Discount: Holiday Special with VyprVPN

VyprVPN comes with 25% Discount this Christmas time and this offer is applicable to all the packages. VyprVPN is also available in Basic, Pro and Premier versions.

The prices in the VPN Sale look like this:
VyprVPN Basic version: $ 5.00 (instead of $ 6.67)
VyprVPN Pro version: $ 6.25 (instead of $ 8.33)
VyprVPN Premier version: 7.50 $ (instead of 10.00 $)

The above mentioned prices are monthly (with annual payment)

Learn more about VyprVPN

VPN Sale on Facebook IPVanish

IPVanish has come up with a VPN Discount for all the Facebook users on the social network. On the Facebook page of IPVanish you can tap a promo code and redeem the offers, at certain times.

The currently applicable discounts are as follows:
1 month: $ 10.00 (instead of $ 11.99) – 17% Savings
3 months: $ 26.99 (instead of $ 35.97) – 25% Savings
12 months: $ 77.99 (instead of $ 143.88) – 46% Savings

Learn more about IPVanish


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