VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN Review


About VyprVPN

vyprvpnA VyprVPN – Golden Frog review should note that they do not affiliate with any third parties, but write all the codes on their own– from beginning to end.

•    Founders of the company have been working in encryption and internet business since 1994.
•    The focus of the company is to provide additional internet security for those that regularly browse online.
•    The founders are also responsible for the popular storage app, Dump Truck which allows for file sync and storage for businesses.

VyprVPN – Golden Frog has been in the market for some time, but was recently relaunched to include mobile applications. This has allowed previous users to sync their products with the popular VyprVPN line.

VPN Servers

VyprVPN – Golden Frog offers their customers unlimited access to servers.

•    Switch between servers for no additional charge
•    Over 40 locations for sever clusters
•    200,000 IP addresses and growing
•    Over 700 servers in server clusters.

Servers are set across a worldwide network including Oceania, South America, North America, Asia and Europe.

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VyprVPN- Golden Frog was specifically designed to be a customer-oriented company without compromising security.

•    A VyprVPN – Golden Frog review includes notes about all of their VPN networks which are located across the globe. Clients are automatically moved from one location to the other, to make sure they are always getting the fastest speed possible.

•    No shared servers translate into better infrastructure that can be dedicated to providing better networking for customers.

An in house network focuses on optimizing the network at all times so that individuals will always get top speed when they are browsing. The code was also written for broadband use to guarantee better operating times.

Devices/Operating Systems

All major operating systems can be used with VyprVPN- Golden Frog, allowing you to sync desktop and mobile devices with a one click connect system.

•    Windows
•    Mac
•    Android
•    iOS

All devices are also given a ping test when the VPN loads so you can find the fastest server immediately.


VyprVPN has created a new DNS tool for users who want to keep their host address hidden from surveillance groups. The new service, called VyprDNS, allows users to hid under Vypr’s own VPN servers, making sure all data travels without the ISP knowing the geolocation or the user.

This is particularly useful in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries where Internet censorship is rife. Being able to protect user’s identity from ISPs is important, because most providers work with the government to secure information about each Internet user.

Even while using VPN, some websites can be spoofed or changed, allowing hackers with middle-man attacks to take your information. This can also be done in countries with mass censorship on a certain topic, redirecting the user to another page.

VyprDNS stops that from happening, by implementing a stricter rule set from the user to the final server. The premium DNS features make sure no middle-men pick up on the network and also make sure the website is legitimate, and not some spoofed website.

VyprVPN comes with VyprDNS
VyprVPN comes with VyprDNS


Users may choose the level of encryption that they would like to use with each session.

•    L2TP
•    PPTP
•    Chameleon
•    OpenVPN

Much of the choice that users are given between protocols for their encryption is based on the speed that users would like to get from their browsing experience. You can choose your level of speed, protection or encryption separately to customize your browsing experience.

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Full VyprVPN users do not have any data logging so that anything done during a browsing session remains private.

•    BestVPNService Magazine notes that there are no third parties associated with this company, which means there is no data duplication or additional storage included with any membership.

•    No host names, geolocation data, website addresses or other information about clients is ever stored.

Much of the privacy policy that VyprVPN- Golden Frog initiates is based on their commitment to keeping their company private. No data is ever shared, including the inner workings of their software to help keep their clients information private.

Privacy Policy

Any data collected by Golden Frog is held for 30 days before it is permanently deleted from the servers.

•    The affiliated VyprVPN IP address that was used during the session
•    Source IP address
•    Connection start and stop time
•    Bytes used

All information collected by the VPN servers is used to manage billing issues, offer service evaluation, and manage crimes performed using this service or address performance issues.


VyprVPN- Golden Frog has a strong stance on preventing restrictions on customers, which includes preventing access to internet activities.

•    No geolocation or usernames are logged, allowing users to perform activities without restriction.

Privacy settings are specifically designed to move around country firewalls so that content that may be blocked is readily accessible to everyone.

Prices and Packages

There are a handful of packages for VyprVPN clients to choose from.

•    Free – limited plan for free

•    Basic – $6.67 per month

•    Pro – $8.33 per month (including a 25gb subscription to Dump Truck)

•    Premiere – $10 per month (including a 50gb subscription to Dump Truck)

[easy-pricing-table id="4073"]

Money Back Guarantee

All packages from VyprVPN- Golden Frog have a three day money back guarantee following installation.

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Basic payment methods for those installing VyperVPN include:

•    Visa
•    MasterCard
•    Discover
•    American Express
•    PayPal


BestVPNService Magazine was particularly impressed at the level of customer service available through this client.

•    24/7 contact every day of the year
•    Email, live chat and phone contact available without restriction

In addition to offering full contact to their staff whenever you might need it, VyprVPN- Golden Frog offers an overview and list of features that can be used to better understand how their product differs from other VPN clients you may have worked with in the past.
There is also a welcome kit available for new users to get a feel for how the product works before they start browsing and a full support network built into the webpage.

Summary about VyprVPN

Overall it’s hard not to be positive in a VyprVPN – Golden Frog review given the strong attention to detail that this company provides.

•    No restriction on use and no logging mean that all clients get the ultimate level of privacy when they browse.

•    The focus on providing high speeds means that users will not have any problems getting the content they want. Switch between servers with no restrictions or extra charges to make sure you are always getting the fastest speeds possible.

•    There are no third parties associated with VyprVPN which means that any data that is collected is not shared and there are no concerns about responding to multiple privacy policies.

Those that are looking for a comprehensive VPN service that is not particularly expensive will get exactly what they want out of VyprVPN – Golden Frog. There are no red flags that indicate that users will be disappointed with what they have to offer.

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  1. I have been using VyprVPN for over 4 years
    now, I have to say I never had a single problem with it. Though there were
    times I found the connections where slow, I just switched to a different VPN
    server and it generally solved the problem. I am very happy with VyprVPN.

  2. I have been using VyprVPN for over 4 years
    now, I have to say I never had a single problem with it. There were times I
    found the connections where slow. However, once I switched to a different VPN
    server it generally solve the problem. I am very happy with VyprVPN.

  3. Vyprvpn
    is actually a good VPN choice. I can surf without hassle with this. My IP
    address is protected from other suspicious activities.It is also compatible to
    any kind of device be it PC or mobile. I actually installed one on my tablet.

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